BPM, UML, SysML, & CORBA Training Listings!

BPM, UML & CORBA Training Listings.

OMG®'s member companies provide training in UML®, CORBA®, OMG's other specifications, and the products that implement them. On this page, we've listed all of the courses that our member companies have told us about. These courses range from basic to advanced, vendor-neutral to product-specific; some are held at vendor locations, while others may travel to your site or may be offered at central locations such as hotel facilities or conference centers. Our listings are as specific as possible, but mostly do not include exact schedules which update often. To find out exact schedules for a company's training, click on the URL or send email to the contact address provided in its listing.

If your company is already a Member of OMG and you'd like to have your training information listed on this page, please fill out this form and click the submit button.

Training that prepares candidates to take OMG's certification exams is listed separately; for information about these listings, look here. For other training or membership inquiries, send email to info@omg.org.

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